Future Encounter - Nathan Hughes

Writer/Director, British – The Claw

Nathan has broad, multi-platform experience as a creative producer of audio-visual performance, generative software and spectacular son et lumiere events. This informs compelling documentaries and distinctive, original drama. The Claw, which crowd-funded it's budget, was inspired by the discovery that an infamous killer's ashes were scattered off Barry Island. Nathan works closely with The Claw's Producer/DP Jacob Parish (Small Storytellers). They are shooting documentaries about the innovative Bristol-based Dance-room Spectroscopy project, and a poignant profile of a man coping with brain damage following a freak motorcycle accident.

Nathan consolidated his screen-writing and narrative skills on Newport Film School's MA program. His dissertation on landscape allegory in cinema informed 'Worms', a  psychosexual drama which articulated Dylan Thomas' statement that 'the blood in his lungs was the same as the blood going up and down in a tree'. Nathan is currently writing a feature length script from this material.


Ruby is obsessed with claw machines. Dad is fascinated by a notorious serial killer.Mum wants a normal family day at the beach.