Writer/Directors, Icelandic – When Rabbits Fly

Helgi and Halldór are childhood friends born in Iceland, who grew up together making silly short films and experimental videos before the time of YouTube.

Helgi Jóhannsson finished a bachelor‘s degree in Industrial Engineering, while working on various jobs in the film industry. His work as a director includes award-winning music videos, commercials and short films. In 2011 he won an award for the Best Icelandic Music Video, where the head of the jury was acclaimed director Romain Gavras.

Since 2009 Halldór Ragnar Halldórsson  has been working full time as a cinematographer and editor in Copenhagen. He is co-founder of a production company focusing on music videos and film production. While Halldór moved to Denmark, Helgi stayed in Iceland.

Always wanting to work together but never finding the right time, they finally teamed up again in 2011, when they co-wrote and directed the short film When Rabbits Fly. The film was a success, applauded for it’s distinctive black humour and style.

When Rabbits Fly Trailer

A family of three is forced to move into a cardboard box on top of a high-rise.